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Priced properly, clean boats will always find a buyer. Pricing your yacht to sell and generate traffic is critical to impacting its place in the market. The #1 reason people are buying brokerage versus brand new is to save money.

5 Truths Of Sailboat Pricing

Price Your Sailboat to Sell

Buyers don’t care what you owe the bank or how much you paid when you bought your sailboat.

The Internet allows sailboat buyers to research websites and MLS data and todays buyer comes in knowing a lot about price.

Sailboats can be easily relocated. To widen your geographic appeal use a sharper listed price. The more attractive the price the further people will travel for a perceived bargain.

A yacht broker should show you the pricing data of both active boats and sold boats but more importantly where sailboats have SOLD. An educated seller is a successful one.

Take a lot of the cushion out of your price. A competitive listed price will generate more leads, which allows your broker to communicate and bestow the benefits on your sailboat. Pricing too high because you expect a buyer to come in 10-20% lower often means a sailboat without any interest.

The Hard Truth of Selling Your Boat Is...

Overpricing expecting a big negotiation is a mistake. Too many sellers spend 12-24 months of ownership cost fighting the market. You can have the nicest sailboat out there but if the asking price is too high nobody will see it. It is far better to have three offers you say no too instead of zero interest. Clean sailboats priced right sell. It's really that simple.

Clean Sailboats, Priced Right - SELL.

It's Really That Simple...

The reason price is so important to understand is that buyers have decided to purchase via a yacht brokerage primarily because they have ruled out a brand new sailboat on price. Popular sailboat brands like Leopard, Island Packet, Catalina, Beneteau, Hunter, Hanse and others will have plenty of buyer interest.


Looking at a recent market snapshot, pricing makes the difference between what sits and what sells.

“Your sailboat listing must be priced properly and a broker should tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear….”

My Sailboat Value

Learn Your Sailboat's List Value in Today’s Market

You will receive a report with sold comps, active comps, and become an educated seller on how to best position your sailboat to sell, not sit. 

“Sailboat buyers don’t care what a seller owes the bank or what you paid when you bought it”

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